December 22 Forbidden words again and 1999 signoff
December 20 Forbidden words 2000
December 17 Get me my broker. I need to save Ben & Jerrys
December 16 A 45 page interview? Good grief!
December 15 Modern ruins of the 20th century
December 13 When is a brand, not a brand?
December 9 Finding the zinester voice
December 8 We want our old future back!
December 7 Faster, cheaper, quieter
December 6 By the time I get to Whip It!
December 2 Rabbit in the Moon
December 1 Red, Hot + Wu

November 30 Sub-scripting about subscription
November 29 Gallery of Magic Realism
November 26 Don't bomb the library
November 24 Buy nothing day
November 23 Final Magic Number Show
November 22 Crazy eggs for Christmas
November 19 A watershed of place
November 18 Dancing Bill!
November 16 Open the door, Bunny
November 15 Puck rock and roll. Woo-hoo
November 11 C3P Oh my
November 10 Television: pub of the nation
November 9 Who owns; say what?!?
November 8 Bibliography: Radio
November 4 The Massey Lectures
November 2 Endangered: campus radio

October 30 Radio Free For All
October 20 PMD Peridocials #3: MIGHT
October 19 Bibliography: Swearing
October 18 Remember when video was cool?
October 12 Can you identify this pruner?
October 11 Calvin Klein model looking... weird
October 8 Weird Al looking... weird
October 6 Nothing could be ignobler
October 5 Bibliography: Hockey
October 4 Crime Wave USA*

September 30 The bird is the word
September 29 Viva El Vez!
September 21 Oh oh oh my god 
September 20 Ode to Laurie Anderson
September 16 My mom went to Burning Man
September 15 Chalk it up to the streets
September 13 Pay per view publishing
September 7 The I in information

August 30 Internet FreePlay Radio 
August 27 Twenty-one short facts about Tim Hortons 
August 25 Made *with* a 100% beef
August 23 sony Stylin'
August 19 Symbol of my Affection
August 17 Not very digestable magazines 
August 16 Harry Potter and the New York Times Bestseller List
August 12 The Three Essential Elements
August 10 SUVs: an official curse to us all
August 9 The extremely digestable and healthy Rain Barrel Maglog
August 5 The girl can't have it

You may already be a winner
World famous in Canada
More than a personal tragedy
Art mimicing life minimicing art
Jar Jar Boinks
Happy USA-Lite Day!!!

Retract = I'm back
Forbidden Words 1999
Digestable and healthy!
6.0 in Dumpster Diving
Hell Note, we won't go!
New Toy o-e-o
Fairy Tales for businessmen
Let's talk music and sand
A game of you
Wrestling with character

Ecology of cop cars
Holy Cool Crap
Map Maker PM
Death of a good idea; Birth of a cheesy motto
Swedish for very sneaky
Et 2K, Brutus?
Tibor Kalman, Perverse Optimist
The art of good conversation
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind

Canadians kick the flag habit
Who owns whom
Leaf that flag off your backpack!
Copyright and Crullers
Anatomy of a search
PMD Peridocials #2: COLORS
Kurdt is still dead
Church of Tim Hortons
PMD Peridocials #1: Maledicta

Purple Monkey Dishwasher
Prisoner's Dilemma
The Great Grunge Paradigm Shift
Nike is a girl
The Futurama is Now!
Easter Egg Hunting
Garbage can = Freedom from terrorism
Cell Phone Stories
Queen of the Amazon
The Whole Amazon Review

Year of the Depends Undergarment
Drink Coke or Bite the Wax Tadpole
Swingin' on the flippity-flop!!
Those feisty Canadians 
South, East = poor
Did buddha belong to a gang?
Renaming the world
Truth vs Reality