June 14, 1999

While cleaning house, I found an article by Laurie Anderson ("Dazed and Bemused") from a technology themed New York Times Magazine.

One snippet I quite enjoyed: Is Anybody There

"The first time I made contact with someone on a Web site was with a guy who said his interests were music and sand. And I said, "Sand?" I have a kind of special interest in sand. When I was on my first and only LSD trip, I went to the beach and spent 12 hours lying there looking at grains of sand. I had decided to make a collection of the sand, and the idea was to chose six of he most perfect and representative grains - a project that took me all day and well into the night I still have this collection in a small box lined with velvet. And I took some pictures of it with an electron microscope and them to this guy at his Web site.

"And it took a few days to discover that the person I as talking to was actually a 4-year old kid and that his interest was going out into his backyard and playing in this sandbox. And it was great - I would never have come up to this guy at a party and said, "Hey, let's talk music and sand."