March 9, 1999

Cell Phone Stories

story number 1-800
(true story)

In a large public library in Toronto a man anxiously rushes up to the reference desk and asks if he can use the librarian's phone. Under normal circumstances the librarian would have directed the man to the pay phones on the first and third floors but since the man is obviously distressed, she hands him the phone and asks what the matter is. The man grabs the librarian's phone and furiously dials and tells the librarian that someone just stole his cell phone. Instantly, a phone ring sounds from a bag beside a woman sitting at a nearby table.

story number 2-800
(urban myth)

A similar story, although the characters and the setting are different. It's the day after Christmas at a family's home and someone can't find her new cell phone that she had received just the day before. Suddenly, the dog rings.

story number 3-800
(beer commercial)

A man is sitting alone at a table in the back of crowded bar room. He looks longingly at the bar where all the action is, as well as at a leggy blond woman who happens to be drinking at the bar. As he stares, he idly fiddles with a matchbook in his hands. He takes a look at the matchbook and pauses. Then he proceeds to take out his cell phone and dial the number that's printed on the matchbook. A phone rings at the bar and it is picked up by the bartender. The bartender listens, then holds up the phone as he yells out a name over the din of the bar. The man at the table quickly tucks his cell phone away, and walks through the crowd to the front of the bar and takes the phone from the bartender. The man says hello? waits and then makes a slightly disappointed 'whomever called hung-up on me' face as he hands the phone back to the bartender and then somewhat resignedly orders a beer. Our man then settles into his place at the bar with a beer in his hand and he smiles in contentment. He then smiles at the blond beside him, who incidentally is also drinking the same brand of beer.