April 7, Y2k-1

While I haven't been able to confirm it, I have been told that you can start your own religion and have it recognized by the government of Canada if you can prove to them that you have regular members and meetings over a twenty year period.

I remember talking with my friends in university about starting our own religion. If we had immediately acted on our impulses, today we would only have been fourteen years away from

the Church of Tim Hortons

It was a wonderful idea. Every Tim Horton outlet would become a 'church' and subsequently we would immediately become the largest religion in Canada (Tim Horton's the second largest franchise in Canada behind McDonalds). A donut shop can easily become a church; Tim Hortons is already recognized as a cultural landmark.

Within most Tim Horton outlets, one can find a picture of Tim, Himself. So icons are covered. Now all we need is some hymns.

Perhaps it is too early to give up the dream. The franchise's slogan, "You've always got time for Tim Hortons" was (temporarily) truncated in it's entry in Yahoo! to a motto that might be fitting for the donut shop's new spiritual role:

"You've always got tim"