April 1, Y2k-1

I wanted to keep this as review-free as possible,
but I have to justify my magazine habit somehow. So I bring you...

Periodicals that rock the
purple monkey dishwasher

The international journal of verbal aggression

Now, I am far from being a potty-mouth myself -

(in fact, I was one of those kids who refused to swear, even when my friends would try to taunt me into it and true to my passive-aggressive self I would refuse - I was one of *those* kids)

 -  but I have a certain fondness for this scholarly journal dedicated to 'bad words' :

Here's a sample TOC:

Maledicta 6 (1982)

Puns in Advertising
Canadian Sexual Terms
Karl Marx, Maledictor
Guide to Political Mudslinging
Australian English
Synonyms for Greek Gays
Celebrity Sick Jokes
Italian Blasphemies
Japanese Sexual Maledicta
Funny Book Titles
Erotic Greek Folk Verse
What are Graffiti for?
Americans Learning Polish
Lesbian Language
Jocular Words in English
Ironic German Medical Terms
German Wellerisms
Gay, Fairy, Camping
Semantic Change
Persian Insult Poetry
Argentinean Spanish Insults

The journal is indexed by Sociological Abstracts and the MLA Bibliography; it can be found in a number of Canadian universities and the Toronto Reference Library; and the editor, Dr. Reinhold Aman is former professor of philology and medieval literature. But Maledicta is not contributing to the death of another juicy subject dried out by the wringers of academia; Dr. Aman has little respect for 'cacademia'.

In fact, it might not be the language at all that might make you uncomfortable in this journal, but the editor's genuine expressions of 'verbal aggression'.

From the press release for
Hillary Clinton's Pen Pal:
A Guide to Life and Lingo in Federal Prison

During his pretrial period in 1993, he spent seven months under house arrest, electronically monitored like a rogue elephant or potential mass murderer, with a black box strapped to his left ankle. All that -- and almost 16 months in federal prisons -- merely for mailing two prank postcards to his ex-wife Shirley Beischel and the pamphlet "Legal Slimebags of Wisconsin" to family-court judge Marianne "Peckerhead" Becker and other "honorable" black-robed swine.

Dr Reinhold Aman is living proof that there is still strength in bad words.