Jul 28, 1999

Well, I've lost another contest.

I'm not upset, though. I enter the occasional contest as a creative exercise. I still try to win although it's more for the bragging rights than for a covetable prize. I mean, I would have loved to have told my friends that I was now an award winning fashion designer.

My favourite contest was from Ben and Jerry's (wait - here's another!) the conscientious Vermont based ice cream company. Ben retired some years ago and the company ran a contest for his soon to be vacant position. In one hundred words you had to explain why you should become the next C.E.O.

For my entry, I vowed to change my name to 'Ben' so that when I took over the position of C.E.O. it would not be necessary to change the brand name and all the stationary to 'Mita and Jerry's'

And this is what I received for my troubles: