April 8, Y2k-1

Today is "Kurdt Cobain is Still Dead" day.
But I have come to praise Kurdt, not to bury him.

some reasons why I made Kurdt Cobain
an object of celebrity admiration
(until he killed himself and I gave up celebrities)

kurdt hung out with riot grrrls

kathleen hanna, lead singer of now-defunct Bikini Kill, was with Kurdt at a party and afterwards spray painted 'Kurt Cobain smells like teen spirit' on the wall and kurdt didn't know that Teen Spirit was a brand of girl's deodorant and thought kathleen was referring to teen energy

nirvana begot grunge;
grunge killed 'heavy metal' ;
thus, thanks to nirvana,
we are safe from the guitar solo
(ah, but for how long?)


kurdt and his bandmates wore
the same clothes they did when they were broke after they made gobs of coin.
unless they wore dresses

kurdt was aggressively non-homophobic
and used to spray paint 'god is gay' in his days of youth. in his days of fame, he would kiss his bandmates on tv to bug homophobes


kurdt wasn't afraid to marry courtney love
(brave brave soul)

nirvana made music that I love so much
makes me wanna go fuck shit up

(my my, who's a pottymouth)