Aug 16, 1999

This is a perfect time to read some "New York Times best-sellers" and beef up your summer reading quota.


Because there are two children's books on the list right now. They are by the same author. I've finished one just this weekend. It was a very good book. It's part of a series that has three parts with the first part being:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

It is a very good book.
Even if it is a children's book
and even if you are not a children.

The original title was "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" but the title was changed for American audiences. A philosopher's stone is an imaginary stone, substance, or chemical preparation believed to have the power of transmuting
baser metals into gold and was the grail sought by alchemists.

What is so fundamentally different between the British and the Americans that would be used to justify such a change? Anti-philosopherism? Incidentally, Canadians get the "Philosopher's Stone" title. (I love it when we are considered 'European' not that the British consider themselves European, but I further digress)

I think children's literature is perfect for summer reading. I make further recommendations: 5 Novels (Daniel Pinkwater) and Weetzie Bat (Francesca Lia Block). I am also taking in recommendations as well.