Aug 5, 1999

Man, I'm steamed.
I'm livid. I'm rotted.

I just read about the double standard in movie ratings where female sexuality is involved. I had no idea that the MPAA (The Motion Picture Association of America) are consciously and actively maintaining a ridiculous bias in their ratings.

They gave an R rating to 8mm - the Nicholas Cage homage to snuff movies (note: working title was 'Sexy World'). They gave an R rating to the nineties version of Porkys, American Pie. And they threatened to give the soon to be released movie, Coming Soon an NC-17 rating because

"the board had a problem with teenage
girls having orgasms or talking about them.
When Burson countered that they didn't seem bothered
by teenage boys' orgasms, she says she was told the
MPAA's job is to make viewing recommendations
to parents, and that since most American parents have
a different standard for their sons than for their daughters,
the MPAA must maintain that double standard as well".

This article can be found here in full.

And Canadians, don't snicker! This is our problem too - that is, if you rent your movies from Blockbuster because only R-rated movies make it past their gates. Besides, we got the American cut of "Eye's Wide Shut" (digital images masking any male genitalia) and not the European (dangly bits included, thank you very much).

So remember: the most dangerous force that the MPAA can protect us from is not violence, is not bad language, and is not Adam Sandler movies. And girlfriends, it's right at your fingertips.