Aug 10, 1999

On NPR today, I heard something that just confirms something that I already knew in my heart: SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburbia's Ultimate Vanity) are a scourge.

I had purely disliked SUVs because I found them an embodiment of consumer overkill. But now, I can blame them every time I have to fill up the tank.

According to this one researcher (I'm looking for the details I've forgotten), 40% of the world's oil is consumed in the U.S. But the average rate of U.S. gas consumption is increasing due to consumer demand for SUVs and the like and there has consequently been a shortfall in the oil supply. So gas prices have gone up.

Gas prices don't hurt those rich enough to own SUVs - they hurt poor people. Poor people in America and poor people around the world. Not that anyone cares about poor people anymore.

Sure, this sort of thing might be 'fixed' by a market correction when supply catches up to demand but not in a true sense. We only have limited resources of oil and once its gone, its gone. I'd just rather it was going to a better cause.