Jul 8, 1999

An observation that my sister told me about the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut, which I haven't seen. She said that the plot begins with the boys from South Park sneaking into a Canadian movie called 'Asses of Fire' which is rated Restricted. The boys leave the theatre swearing like sailors and their parents are so outraged that they organize and before you know it, the United States decides to go to war with Canada. The Canadians depicted in the movie don't understand what all the fuss is aboot because, as they state in the movie, Canadians don't care about bad language in movies. Unlike Americans, most Canadians are bothered by screen violence instead.

art mimicking life mimicking art bit 1:
(I refuse to call this irony bit 1)

In the United States, the South Park movie is rated Restricted due to language. In Canada, the movie is rated Adult Accompaniment.

art mimicking life mimicking art bit 2:

You can be damned sure that kids are going to try to sneak into the South Park Movie.

So starting making preparations for war!