December 28 Adbusting Underworld
December 18 I am a master of fashion 
December 10 An actual Questia user writes back!
December 6 Oh Laura Bush!
December 1 Something we are not talking about

November 27 Bust is tits up!
November 26 John Adams? As if!
November 21 Dissecting a Seed
November 19 Letters! I got letters!
November 15 Tiny Little Rabbit Penis
November 2 Between obsessions. 
November 1 BBC One! BBC Two! Afghanistan Three!

October 27 Sewing Machines of Love
October 23 Things are back to normal. The maglog is back
October 22 This was will be on the test
October 11 When the war is against Evil, its against Bert
October 2 How do they carry their game home again?


September 19 I just called to say
September 17 The cultural beginning of the 21st century
September 9 When Happy Feet costs you $15,000
September 3 Me and the POTUSOA


August 23 Harper's Magazine is an education
August 21 Viva Italia
August 20 First Things for a Second Time
August 14 Tom Waits Concordance
August 8 I just want to talk
August 6 Working for the crows
August 1 Summer Haiku

July 31 USA Today: more accurate than the New York Times
July 30 My pretentious reading list
July 23 You're like a heatwave
July 17 Need to Know #1: A Pattern Language
July 16 Tour de Pants
July 1 The God that Sucked


June 28 Who is the man on the hat?
June 26 A brief history of writing and watching TV
June 23 Colorado Fan, social commentary, or sick joke?
June 18 Fear of Falling Bobos in Paradise
June 14 The Anorak of Fonts
June 13 Back to the old school Maglog: July 2001 Harpers
June 11 Nerds, start your engines
June 6 Building a Better Brain
June 4 Is modern culture toxic?


May 28 Stewing about pruner no more 
May 21 Why am I slacking 
May 16 I watch Channel Zero
May 14 I think I'm reading too much into TV.
May 8 Feh
May 7 Hotmale


April 30 FTAA and Mouth Disease
April 27 Wrong addresses and Magical Cowboy Hats
April 25 "It's a Canadian Game"
April 23 Earth Day Haiku and Adbusters Achitecture
April 12 1000 Extra/Ordinary Objects in one
April 10 Vietnam War Memorial as Monolith
April 9 Hand delievered spam

March 30 The singularity most dumb idea I've heard
March 28 Get GIGAWIRED
March 26 Borderless Music From the Border City
March 21 Trading recipes to take down The Man
March 19 Latest Harper's is a snack for the soul
March 14 Romas, tramps and theives
March 12 Prozzak Nation!
March 7 Another high school shooting, time for society's checkup!
March 5 This is an actual petition, I mean hoax

February 28 Godbusters
February 26 Artbusters
February 20 Love Love and Rockets
February 19 NPR makes it official: LEGO has sold out
February 14 Loving you!
February 12 2nd Anniversary of Rain Barrel is commented upon
February 8 Zen Flesh, Zen Clones
February 7 Designing for people's stupidity
February 5 I could build a computer out of Tinkertoys, if I wanted to 
February 4 2nd Anniversary of Rain Barrel passes without comment, party, telegrams, or flowers
February 1 Three books in one Malcolm Gladwell article

January 31 Email as Editor
January 30 Questia for Fire
January 29 The Maple Leaf as Apostrophe
January 24 Whole Earth Reviewed
January 22 A little timbit on dictionaries
January 17 Movies, lists, and you are what you link
January 16 Only on Saturday Night do I love the National Post
January 15 Ken Burn's Jazz Makes me Sing the Blues
January 9 Heartbreaking beauty of a refugee camp
January 8 The media that acts versus the media that reacts
January 5 Does the Kodiak Apparel Company Have a Posse?
January 3 Content is Dead. Word of Mouth is King
January 2 Banished Words 2001
January 1 How to stumble into a Rain Barrel

Don't forget Rain Barrel 2000!

And let's party like it's 
Rain Barrel 1999.