Dec 28  Sympathy for the Music Industry
Dec 27  I was spoken of and I shone
Dec 19  Will the leader of the free world please get out more?
Dec 16  Upath? U Suck!
Dec 5  Heavy papery beautiful things.
Dec 1  Jesus dressed as Santa

Nov 29  Maglog on life support
Nov 28  Insert Hockey Night in Canada theme here: da da daa da daaa
Nov 21  Thousands of Words of Pictures
Nov 14  Que Sera Sera, Whatever the Will of People Will be, Will Be
Nov 13  02000.4: The Viridian Neologue Contest
Nov 8  Admission to the electoral college
Nov 2  Dubya - Messenger of the God
Nov 1  As heard on TV, sorta

Oct 23  There's life Jim, but not that we know it
Oct 18  I am an anti-Canadian target market
Oct 11  Mooseplunge Crossing
Oct 1  Emating call

Sept 25  In case of ballerina, please assume crash position
Sept 15  Army Man, Army Man, Friendly Neighbourhood Army Man
Sept 12  Simpsons Dub and Why So Many Canadians Golf Left-Handed
Sept 11  My contribution to the Deck of Junk
Sept 8  Far Flung Grooves
Sept 5  As sugar dissolves it spreads happiness

July 11  Apologies for the vacation schedule
July 10  "To me, pepper is something I put on my steak"
July 3 Making the Maple Leaf red, white and blue

June 20 Thirteen ways of looking at a cliche
June 19 One hundred word sidebar
June 16 Taking Geniuses for Granted
June 12 Maglog is back. Per-phew!
June 6 Go lick yourself!
June 4 The OAS at Windsor. Police Get Away With Overkill

May 25 Virdian Weather Patterns and a Design for Feedback
May 24 Deja Vu All Over Again
May 20 The Maglog, MetaMalog and The MagPortal
May 18 Summer slowdown warning
May 15 Dance of the Sugar Plum Businessmen
May 10 Mirabella (the smart one?) is dead
May 9 Brand your baby
May 2 Build your own centrifuge
May 1 Genius grants and evil genius grants

April 25 Hockey's Dark Side
April 24 Maple Leafs Elimination Dance 
April 19 The Meta-Maglog Draws a Line From Wallpaper
April 18 Take your mp3s Bowling, Take them Bowling!
April 17 Mmmmm... creamed baby...
April 12 O O O Oprah!
April 10 Paint your Wagon
April 6 Meta-Maglog
April 4 Frog + Blender + Web = something messy in  Denmark
April 3 The Dalai Lama 15 Step Mantra for Good Luck & Clearer Skin

March 28 Canada: more lefty than you may think
March 27 Increase your word power
March 23 Magazine week continues: Today is Book Corner day
March 21 Life is dead and Details don't matter anymore
March 20 And the Best Article in a Supporting Role Is...
March 17 A Team by any Other Name Does Not Sound As Sweet
March 16 One way of looking at X Ways of Looking At Y
March 15 The movie ain't over til the fat lady births
March 9 The Vision On Theme Song
March 8 I've got my reservations / cause I hate my generation
March 7 "Worst Episode Ever"
March 6 My Generation X Bookshelf
March 3 Far Flung Grooves
March 1 My Zine Bookshelf

February 29 About Every Damn Day
February 28 Cool Hunting Past the Tipping Point
February 25 Personlized Marlys
February 24 The Humble Birth of the Marginal Librarian
February 22 Kevin Shapiro, Boy Orphan
February 21 Maglog is updated
February 16 Recognize Different
February 15 Jokes on me
February 14 VD Poem
February 10 Left Winger of the Canadian Tires
February 9 Good Bad Poetry
February 8 Chicken Soup For the Belly
February 7 A New Look For Spring
February 4 It's my anniversary and I'll be indulgent if I want to
February 1 Bibliography: Wit and Humour

 January 31 Man-eating Chyslers and Maglog Monday
January 28 Doubleclick optout meme
January 27 Another reason to know your ABCs
January 25 "Excelsior, Shep! Excelsior, you fathead! Flick lives!" 
January 21 Memory Work
January 20 Good words on Bad Subjects
January 19 The word of the millenium
January 18 Working and Studs
January 14 Diaryland! Diaryland! Diaryland!
January 13 Reading maps sideways
January 11 Wordwatching as trainspotting
January 6 Are you right... for your car?
January 5 "Canada's top 8 crayon colours, eh?"
January 4 Even more stinkin forbidden words
January 3 The Manifesto of January 3

There's also lots of really nice 
entries from 1999. Some of my best work. Really.